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张路 大卫·简诺坡罗斯,羽石諭,皮内洛皮·提斯丽卡,戴顿·考利,段钧豪, 娱乐 丹马克 2021年 查看整部剧情
2021-01-20更新 - At the beginning of the 20th Century, during the Philippine-American War, a garrison under the command of US Lieutenant Compton is left to ‘protect’ San Isidro, a remote region located in the Philippines. Compton can only communicate with Rafael, the Head of the barrio, through the friar Hidalgo who bears a deep resentment towards Rafael. Neither side can understand or trust the other, but are forced to live together, trying to survive in the middle of a war. When the American occupation policy gets tougher, Rafael has to answer to both the Americans and the Filipino patriots.。